Things I loved in September 2015

A couple of things I found and loved in September 2015:


A Short lesson in Perspective by Linds Redding: If you only pay attention to one thing in this post then make it this one.

Let Me Work, Please: A Case for Fewer & More Productive Meetings

Evolving the Google identity

25 ways to ask your kids so how was school today without asking them so how was school today

The selling of the Krays: how two mediocre criminals created their own legends


The Adam Buxton Podcast


Houndstooth – No News from Home

Things I love

Things I loved in 2014.

A simple list of some of the things I enjoyed in 2014:


If i had to pick a top 5 is would most probably be these:

Jane Weaver – The Silver Globe
Hyde and Beast – Keep Moving
Beck – Morning Phase
Teleman – Breakfast
The Dowling Poole – Bleak Strategies

Honourable mentions to: Burial, Angel Olsen, Sharron Van Etten, Clark, Francois & the Atlas Mountains and Mogwai


Shamefully, I only got to one. Kurt Vile in Brighton. Which was excellent, if a little stripped back. I did get tickets to two other gigs. However, Francois and the Atlas Mountains got cancelled and we clean forgot about Teleman (still kicking myself about this).


With out doubt Interstellar is my film of 2014. I simply loved it. The driving away scene is one of the best pieces of cinema I’ve seen for a long while. Wonderful.

Grand Budapest Hotel, Boyhood, Guardians  of the Galaxy, Pride and Paddington are the honourable mentions. I should also add Godzilla, purely for the Halo Skydive scene.


Serial is the podcast of 2014. A factual whodunnit detective story. The Kermode/Mayo Wittertainment podacst was still excellent in 2014 and it’s the first podcast I listen to each week. Honorourable mentions should also go to Six Pixels of Separation, Marketing over Coffee and a relative newcomer, to me at least, Slate’s Working.

Longform articles

I have a huge backlog on my Kindle. However, the three listed below are the ones that immediately spring to mind:

Longform have compiled their best of 2014 list if you want more of the same.


I targeted myself with reading 24 books in 2014. I managed 14. None of which were published in 2014. However, I really enjoyed The Black Cloud by Fred Hoyle, Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott and Galveston by Nick Pizzolatto was a great accompaniment to True Detective.


Sonos: It’s everything I expected it would be. The only real drawback is that I think the Sonos contoller app on both iPhone and Android is very poor. No Spotify Radio? C’mon.

Gramofon: my first kickstarter. It’s a great piece of kit. Whilst it’s now largely obsolete thanks to Sonos, it’s smaller than the Sonos which means it will travel well and I suspect it will accompany us on holidays.

Chromecast: Makes your TV smart. Makes your smart TV even smarter. And the kids can use it. Love it.

Grid-it: Phones, pens, chargers, security keys and even chewing gum all held in place by interwoven elastic straps. It’s the simple things that make the difference.

Craft Beer, Things I love

The Golden Pints 2013

My first go at summing up my 2013 in beer:Image

Best UK cask beer: Oakham 20 years. The tap takeover at Craft Beer Co Brighton was great. 
Best UK keg beer: Kernal 4C or the increasingly go to Chiron by Thornbridge. 
Best UK bottles or Canned Beer: Oakham Citra
Best Overseas bottled or canned beer: Either Racer 5 by Bear Republic or Nebuchadnezzar by Omnipolo
Best collaboration brew: Thornygoat was the only one that stands out. 
Best Overall beer: Best by Marble Beers. I didn’t have it too often but it always hit the mark and completely surprised me about how good it was. 
Best branding pumpclip or label: Marble have the best pumpclips, simple and clean. Partizan have the best labels, illustrated by Alec Doherty 
Best UK Brewery: Kernel, for being so consistent
Best overseas brewery: Pass
Pub/Bar of the year: Craft Beer Co, Brighton (It’s my local)
Best New Pub/beer opening: No idea
Best city for beer in the UK: No idea
Beer festival of the year: didn’t get to one
Supermarket of the year: Waitrose. Always has Thornbridge Jaipur and should get points for introducing Westmalle Dubbel earlier this year. 
Best beer book or magazine: Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge
Best Beer Blog: I don’t read enough of them to be honest.
Best beer app: Untappd
Best brewery website/social media: Not a brewery, however I really like what Beerbods are doing through twitter.


Things I love

Things I loved in May and June 2013

May 2013

Things I loved in may june 2013

1. I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet via @verge

2. Europe’s Bee Rescue via Bloomberg

3. Time and Space > Incredible timelapse videos of our changing earth. All from satellite images.

4. Why Beer Matters by @evanrail. An impassioned appraisal of why beer is important in our age, an age of generic lager and mass brewed beers.

5. The most toxic words in marketing by Michael Brenner. Are you selling stuff? Read on.

6. Competitive analysis: Stepping outside the industry and ahead of the competition via marketing sherpa

7. Leading, with the help of humour via The New York Times. “In my view, if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough”

8. How high’s the water, mama? A tribute to De La Soul’s seminal ‘Three Feet High and Rising”. Album tracks, sampled tracks and commentary all in one sublime 1 hour mix. Listen!

9. The Buffer Culture via JChernov

June 2013

1. B2B Digital Marketing by Rene Power > Great framework for B2B marketing beginners and practitioners alike

2. The Inferior Brand via Mitch Joel

3. 11 things I’ve learned from writing 1000 blog posts via econsultancy

4. How to find your purpose and do what you love via Brain Pickings

5. f.lux. Adapt the brightness of your computer screen to the time of day. A revelation.

6. The origin of the 8 hour day and why we need to rethink it via buffer. Reminded me that I need to start practising pomodoro again.

7. Dear Leader dreams of sushi via GQ. The story of Kim Jong-Il’s personal chef.

8. 1password. A weight off my mind. I literally, only need to remember 1 password.

Things I love

Things I loved in April 2013

1. HHhH by Laurent Binet The story of Operation Anthropoid, the mission to kill Reinhard Heydrich. A quite incredible story told in a very uncoventional manner. Part historical and part autobiographical.

2. How to build a community for your business by @seomoz

3. Dieter Rams: Ten principles for good design by Vitsoe

4. How we do our email marketing at MailChimp by MailChimp

5. How do you find time for social media by @michaelbrenner

6. Why messing up might make you a better manager by @SEOChicks

7. Rainy Mood. Write to it, read to it, code to it. The most perfect ambient soundtrack.

8. A blast from my childhood. I spent most weekends at Farnborough skate ramp in varying degrees of success and painful failure progress. Finding this video brought it all back.