Tony Hawk and the local Brighton community

I must admit, I thought I had misread the poster when I first saw the poster. Tony Hawk in Brighton? So Imagine what these kids must have thought when Tony Hawk and crew turned up to skate their new bowl:



Photo by Graeme Fraser via Flickr

Spotted this agenda for Interesting over at  Russell Davies. I’d go. I guess I just admire the brazen openness and fun of it all. I have endured, and that is the right word, too many ‘company events’ where the content is, whilst not without purpose, formulaic.

Imagine what could be achieved by giving staff the opportunity to talk about what inspires and drives them, what makes them tick. At the very least you have an internal community discussing, referring and acknowledging. Five minutes would be enough….


My current reading list

The New Community Rules: Marketing on the social web by Tamar Weinberg

Putting the Public back in Public Relations by Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge

Sunnyside by Glen David Gold (wrote the wonderful Carter beats the devil)