Two photographer’s who have recently caught my eye

Photography is at the front of my mind at the moment. Not entirely sure why, perhaps because of the BJP in October, however, I’m enjoying it because I am uncovering a few new photographers.

Alex Cretey Systerman

I especially like the American Regular series. It’s also worth checking out his blog

Omar Mullick

The London born, New York based photographer made an immediate impression with his documentation of muslims in America, Can’t take it with you. However, it’s his ‘Brooklyn Is’ series that caught my eye. I’m loving the texture of the interior shots (I’m guessing 1600).

“You earn your luck” – Martin Parr

Martin Parr is curating the Brighton Photographic Biennial, which as a local resident is pretty exciting. Even more so when he has managed to secure appearances from both Alec Soth and Stephen Gill.

In the meantime, here is a short video of him explaining his best shot. It’s interesting to hear him describe his ability to capture these moments as luck. I guess it is. Parr has no idea what is going to happen and when. So, it takes patience. It also takes experience.

Use ffffl*ckr to explore flickr

I stumbled across ffffl*ckr whilst catching up at the excellent siteInspire. Basically, it based on the premise that the people whose work you like, will probably like stuff you like. So it takes a selection of your favourites, and with a click it opens their favourites. And from here you can enlarge them, fav them and so forth. And its all delivered through a lovely interface.

It really is very good, and its made me look at flickr in a different way. I had been getting tired of flickr, it has just seemed like to much hard work of late. However, this new tool has made me realise that there are some bloomin’ excellent photographers on flickr, and I want inspiring not waterdrops on rose petals.

Kai Wiedenhofer or William Klein?

Congratulations to Kai Wiedenhofer who has just picked up the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism prize worth €50,ooo. Recognised for his well researched projects on life within the occupied territories, he will now go back and complete the project.

The image, ‘Flying Pistol Boys’ used in the publicity is sublime, no question, yet, upon first glance it somehow reminded me of William Klein’s famous shot.











Nothing in it of course, however, it does conjure questions about the context of the two shots. Both images are, in a sense, playful, Klein’s the most aggressive yet likely the most innocent. Wiedenhofer’s on the other hand, will most certainly have a far more powerful story sitting behind it.