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Storytelling in 3 videos

I’ve been thinking about storytelling lately. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about how the company I work for might be able to better tell stories.

So I started researching into how other industries and brands tell their stories. The following three videos are all ones I’ve found this week. Each with very different narratives but each one contains the key elements of a great story: a setting, a plot, a conflict and a resolution.

The Contenders

I’ve talked about Dicks Sporting Goods before.

Drink Better Beer – Matt Lane

This is a fantastic story about how BeerBods came to be. Very funny, very honest.

A film about Vitra

I recently treated myself to an Eames DSW chair for my home office. I love the mixture of history, ethos and tone in this video. I now feel part fo the club. Not part of the furniture, that wouldn’t be very Vitra I don’t think.

Craft Beer, Things I love

The Golden Pints 2013

My first go at summing up my 2013 in beer:Image

Best UK cask beer: Oakham 20 years. The tap takeover at Craft Beer Co Brighton was great. 
Best UK keg beer: Kernal 4C or the increasingly go to Chiron by Thornbridge. 
Best UK bottles or Canned Beer: Oakham Citra
Best Overseas bottled or canned beer: Either Racer 5 by Bear Republic or Nebuchadnezzar by Omnipolo
Best collaboration brew: Thornygoat was the only one that stands out. 
Best Overall beer: Best by Marble Beers. I didn’t have it too often but it always hit the mark and completely surprised me about how good it was. 
Best branding pumpclip or label: Marble have the best pumpclips, simple and clean. Partizan have the best labels, illustrated by Alec Doherty 
Best UK Brewery: Kernel, for being so consistent
Best overseas brewery: Pass
Pub/Bar of the year: Craft Beer Co, Brighton (It’s my local)
Best New Pub/beer opening: No idea
Best city for beer in the UK: No idea
Beer festival of the year: didn’t get to one
Supermarket of the year: Waitrose. Always has Thornbridge Jaipur and should get points for introducing Westmalle Dubbel earlier this year. 
Best beer book or magazine: Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge
Best Beer Blog: I don’t read enough of them to be honest.
Best beer app: Untappd
Best brewery website/social media: Not a brewery, however I really like what Beerbods are doing through twitter.


Craft Beer, Marketing, Things I love

A great use of Vine by Beerbods

I really like this use of Vine by the team at Beerbods.

I think this is as good an execution of Vine as I have seen for a number of reasons

1. It captures the essence of the Beerbods service

2. It literally lets the product do the talking.

3. It engages both the existing customer and the prospective customer base (myself included).

I assume that this will be a regular thing from Beerbods. It certainly makes sense.

I’ll also mention at this point there are a couple of great beers in there, namely the Odell 5 Barrell, Citra by Okaham Ales (a firm favourite from 2012) and I’ve heard nothing but good things about Wild Brew Co’s Epic Saison.

Craft Beer

A list of beers I enjoyed in 2012

According to Untappd I’ve drunk 105 unique beers over the last 12 months and I would say on the most part they have been pretty good.

Here are my highlights:

  • G’Day Mate by Mikkeller.
  • Citra by Oakham Ales
  • Raid Beer by TO OI
  • Hot Rod Habanero by Mikkeller
  • Kashmir by Acorn Brewery
  • Dr Rudi by Arbor Ales
  • Smoked Black IPA by Tiny Rebel Brewing Co
  • Brewed Amakening by Cromarty Brewing Co
  • Kill Your Darlings by Thornbridge
  • Single Hop Sorachi Ace IPA by Mikkeller
  • Dalston Black IPA by Brodies
  • Milk Chocolate Stout by Dark Star

Mikkeller’s G’Day Mate was undoubtedly the best beer I had last year. An explosion of galaxy hops which literally refreshed the parts other beers couldn’t reach.

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