Top Podcasts of 2020

Yesterday, Spotify revealed my listening habits of 2020. Included within was a solitary podcast. Just one. According to Spotify I listened for 48, 849 minutes in 2020. Of which less than an hour was spent listening to an episode of Eat,  Sleep, Work, Repeat. 

Incidently, I don’t listen to podcasts on Spotify. Instead, I use a combination of Apple Podcasts (Desktop) and Pocketcasts (mobile). And without a regular commute I haven’t been listening to podcasts all that much this year. I’ve been reading more than listening.  Nevertheless, I thought I’d compile a short list of those that I’ve enjoyed this year with references to specific episodes

  1. Call to Action

One of the consistently outstanding marketing podcasts there is.  This year I really enjoyed the episodes with Gavin Strange, Gem Higgins, Zoe Scaman and Jenni Romaniuk

  1. Do Lectures

Only released this year, it’s still finding its feet. Nevertheless, host Gav Thompson manages to get some excellent guests. I highly recommend the episodes with Tom Goodwin and Eleanor Tweddell.

  1. Everyone hates marketers by Louis Grenier

Admittedly, I don’t listen to this podcast very often but the most recent episode with Mark Ritson is one of the best episodes on any podcast I’ve listened to this year. (And yes, there could be some recency bias at play here).

  1. Eat sleep work repeat

Bruce Daisley does god’s own work when it comes to understanding modern work and lobbying for better working practices. The episode from January with Alain de Botton is excellent, as is his discussion with Mo Gawdat on happiness.

  1. The Adam Buxton Podcast

All round one of the best podcasts out there. Essentially rambling chats, or “ramblechats” as Adam calls them, I especially liked his chats this year with Laura Marling and Zadie Smith.

  1. Wittertainment.

Pound for pound the Kermode and Mayo film review is the best podcast there is.  Each episode is a gem. Two old friends chatting about movies and life. Hugely comforting.  Difficult to pick an episode but it is worth digging out their interview with Armando Iannucci to see whether his Thick of It writing team could have written anything close to what the UK government has done this year.

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