Two Adverts – Isolated Talk

I was asked by the team at Gasp to provide a talk to be included in their wonderful Isolated talks initiative.

The concept is simple. The great and the good of marketing and advertising (and me) share their ideas. And by doing so raise money for The Samaritans. They have already had 100 contributions including the likes of Rory Sutherland, Rosie and Faris Yakob, Dave Trott, Vikki Ross, Jane Evans, Rania and Trevor Robinson OBE, Mark Denton, Amy Kean, Dave Dye, Nicole Yershon, Rob Schwartz, and JP Castlin.

Well, here’s my talk. Its just gone live. Its called Two Adverts and doing exactly what it says on the tin, I talk (read, ramble) on about my two all-time favourite ads.

Please watch, share and don’t forget to donate to the Samaritans, as even a fiver can save a life.