The Golden Pints 2013

My first go at summing up my 2013 in beer:Image

Best UK cask beer: Oakham 20 years. The tap takeover at Craft Beer Co Brighton was great. 
Best UK keg beer: Kernal 4C or the increasingly go to Chiron by Thornbridge. 
Best UK bottles or Canned Beer: Oakham Citra
Best Overseas bottled or canned beer: Either Racer 5 by Bear Republic or Nebuchadnezzar by Omnipolo
Best collaboration brew: Thornygoat was the only one that stands out. 
Best Overall beer: Best by Marble Beers. I didn’t have it too often but it always hit the mark and completely surprised me about how good it was. 
Best branding pumpclip or label: Marble have the best pumpclips, simple and clean. Partizan have the best labels, illustrated by Alec Doherty 
Best UK Brewery: Kernel, for being so consistent
Best overseas brewery: Pass
Pub/Bar of the year: Craft Beer Co, Brighton (It’s my local)
Best New Pub/beer opening: No idea
Best city for beer in the UK: No idea
Beer festival of the year: didn’t get to one
Supermarket of the year: Waitrose. Always has Thornbridge Jaipur and should get points for introducing Westmalle Dubbel earlier this year. 
Best beer book or magazine: Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge
Best Beer Blog: I don’t read enough of them to be honest.
Best beer app: Untappd
Best brewery website/social media: Not a brewery, however I really like what Beerbods are doing through twitter.