Things I loved in March 2013

1. How we accomplished (big) goals with content and social media marketing (in just 10 months) by @mackwebteam

2. This use of Vine by Beerbods. It’s  a bit heavy on the eyes, yet I think it sums up the Beerbods proposition very well.

3. The HubSpot culture code. by @HubSpot.  It’s a bit Netflix but that is the source code.

4. New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual  In no way am I graphic designer, though I am a sucker for graphic design and a brand manual.

5. I’m Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, and This Is How I Work Even he can’t work out a decent way to have proper to do lists in Evernote.

6. Adventures in the ransom trade A fantastic longform on the side of kidnapping you don’t see.

7. Make your marketing more bobular by @jwatton Be more personal.

9.  Quiet: The power of Introverts by Susan Cain (no affiliate) Having read this I’m not sure I’m as introverted as I perhaps thought I was, ambivert I think. Nevertheless, it’s a very good read. It is worth watching her google talk on the subject

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