A great use of Vine by Beerbods

I really like this use of Vine by the team at Beerbods.

I think this is as good an execution of Vine as I have seen for a number of reasons

1. It captures the essence of the Beerbods service

2. It literally lets the product do the talking.

3. It engages both the existing customer and the prospective customer base (myself included).

I assume that this will be a regular thing from Beerbods. It certainly makes sense.

I’ll also mention at this point there are a couple of great beers in there, namely the Odell 5 Barrell, Citra by Okaham Ales (a firm favourite from 2012) and I’ve heard nothing but good things about Wild Brew Co’s Epic Saison.

Things I loved in February 2013

Blimey, March already. Here are the things I loved in February 2013:

The Content Marketing Strategy Hangout

Here’s my review of it.

Culture Shock: A handbook for 21st Century Business by Will McInnes

I actually finished Culture Shock at the end of January. However, I’m still mulling over the content. Here’s my review. A more deserving review will be posted on amazon shortly.

Culture Shock by Will McInnes

Get Squeeze

Get Squeeze is a great tool for tracking the effectiveness of your content. John Watton has already covered this, have a read of his review.


Yes, it’s my new favourite website. Here’s just some of the articles that I enjoyed during Feb:

A Loaded Gun

How a Mexican drug cartel makes its millions

CIA operatives, barrels of whiskey and a biker named Thor

In the footsteps of a killer