Things I liked in January 2013

Quite simply, a list of stuff I enjoyed in January 2013. Things I like Jan 2013

Marketing: Crap. The single biggest threat to content threat to B2B marketing.

The team at Velocity are good at getting stuff off their chests. This particular rant is about how, regardless of your industry, the rush to adopt and implement content marketing will make it harder and harder for your content to rise above the noise. The only solution is to cut the crap and produce truly great content. As ever with Velocity this is a call to arms. It’s got the plaudits and quite rightly too.

Book: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

Following a global disaster, Hig spends his days protecting his ranch and flying his Cessna to check for marauding bandits. One day he picks up a message from another pilot.

This is probably the most enjoyable book I’ve read in a while. It’s got a really interesting use of  punctuation, grammar and sentence structure and it’s all the better for it. I really enjoyed The Road by Cormac Mcarthy, The Dog Stars, however, is laced with more hope and optimism.

Long form posts

I read a hell of a lot of 500 word marketing posts and the occasional 10 “things” lists. For balance, and sanity, I make a point of reading outside my industry. Several of the articles below have been haunting my instapaper for a couple of months. A couple of which are over a year old. However, a 6 hour train journey to Scotland gave me the time to clear out my overflowing backlog. These three article from the New Yorker really struck a chord with me.

Craft beer: Drinking from the Mikkeller Cellar

A nice insight into the culture and ethos of everyone’s current favourite gypsy brewery, Mikkeller.

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