My new favourite website:

At the start of 2013, I set myself the goal of reading at least 24 books this year. January got off to a good start, I read 2 and a half books. Then I discovered Focussing specifically on pieces longer than 2000 words, Longform “recommends new and classic non-fiction from around the web” with articles being submitted by writers and magazines such as GQ … Continue reading My new favourite website:

Things I liked in January 2013

Quite simply, a list of stuff I enjoyed in January 2013.  Marketing: Crap. The single biggest threat to content threat to B2B marketing. The team at Velocity are good at getting stuff off their chests. This particular rant is about how, regardless of your industry, the rush to adopt and implement content marketing will make it harder and harder for your content to rise above the … Continue reading Things I liked in January 2013