The newspaper club

Photo by STML (via flickr)

The newspaper club is a  simple idea. You combine digital and analogue, exploiting the demand for the former with the nostalgia of the latter.

It has been set up by Russell Davies and Ben Terret at RIG. It became apparant that they where bookmarking good content from blogs, but never actually going back to read it. So, to cut a long story short they bought a newspaper press and printed a newspaper containing this very content.  They have since produced papers for the BBC and, amongst others.

I think that this is such a brilliant idea. I have the same issue as the guys at RIG. I bookmark lots of content but never get round to reading it all. I have started to use Readitlater, which has helped, but I am very much a print reader. I wonder if they could offer a personal service, whereby you save all your bookmarks to your newspaper club account, and each month you get sent your own newspaper: ‘The Fraser Herald’….it might work.

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