The newspaper club

Photo by STML (via flickr)

The newspaper club is a  simple idea. You combine digital and analogue, exploiting the demand for the former with the nostalgia of the latter.

It has been set up by Russell Davies and Ben Terret at RIG. It became apparant that they where bookmarking good content from blogs, but never actually going back to read it. So, to cut a long story short they bought a newspaper press and printed a newspaper containing this very content.  They have since produced papers for the BBC and, amongst others.

I think that this is such a brilliant idea. I have the same issue as the guys at RIG. I bookmark lots of content but never get round to reading it all. I have started to use Readitlater, which has helped, but I am very much a print reader. I wonder if they could offer a personal service, whereby you save all your bookmarks to your newspaper club account, and each month you get sent your own newspaper: ‘The Fraser Herald’….it might work.

Use ffffl*ckr to explore flickr

I stumbled across ffffl*ckr whilst catching up at the excellent siteInspire. Basically, it based on the premise that the people whose work you like, will probably like stuff you like. So it takes a selection of your favourites, and with a click it opens their favourites. And from here you can enlarge them, fav them and so forth. And its all delivered through a lovely interface.

It really is very good, and its made me look at flickr in a different way. I had been getting tired of flickr, it has just seemed like to much hard work of late. However, this new tool has made me realise that there are some bloomin’ excellent photographers on flickr, and I want inspiring not waterdrops on rose petals.

Amazing work ethic despite atomic bomb

Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who died at 93 yrs of age last week

Here is an article from The Times on Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who survived both the atomic bombs dropped in Japan at the end of WWII. It’s an incredible story.

Now, on a morning when snow yet again messes with the UK public transport infrastructure, I went to Starbucks rather than brave the rail system. Not Mr Yamaguchi. Having survived the first atomic bomb, Little Boy, he and a colleague braved the atomic aftermath to get to work, and yes he got a slapped wrist from his unsympathetic boss. Yet, the most astounding bit of the story? The trains were still running.

I write this, sitting in the comfort of a global chain of coffee houses, as the UK crumbles under the strain of the ‘wrong type of snow’.

NB. No offence or disrespect intended to Mr Yamaguchi or others who suffered similarily.

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A new adventure awaits……

via Flickr: geishaboy500

After an eventful 2009, which saw me end my time with Easynet and become another ‘Global Recession’ statistic, I am pretty chuffed to say that a new challenge awaits me today, as I join Changefirst as their new marketing manager.

Changefirst provide change management solutions for the likes of Nokia, Zurich and Virgin Media, and I am very excited to be joining them and getting involved with the many and varied projects that lie ahead. The next couple of weeks will be spent getting to know them, their accounts and strategies, as well as their core methodology for change management. I cannot wait, I am really looking forward to getting my hands dirty again.

Of course, there will be more updates on the adventure as it unfolds.