The alternative way to watch YouTube

Simply paste your selected YouTube video into and you get this pretty neat Lomo-effect output. I found this at Ian Tait’s CrackUnit blog, where he applied it to 80’s pop vids.

I’ve applied it to Intergalactic by The Beastie Boys, for no other reason than the colour themes are pretty clear. The screenshots were taken and edited using LittleSnapper.

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How not to kill talent and creativity

Following an article in this months excellent Wired Magazine, I visited the TED website to browse through their archive of talks. (Delegates pay $4500 to go, and we get the talks for gratis – lovely model – read more here).

One such talk was by Sir Ken Robinson on Schools Kill Creativity.

“Face the fear of being wrong.” Originality is born from mistakes, and if you can’t accept failure, don’t expect originality. This reminded me of Paul Arden talking about creativity: “If you don’t share your ideas, how will you ever find new ones.”

Doctor Who Logo 2010

Now, I can’t claim to have been a lifelong Doctor Who fan, however, the David Tennant era has introduced me to one of the best TV series of the last decade. I have loved every minute of Tennant’s tenure, and of course the writing of Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat has played a huge part in this. Who else could write two exceptional pieces of drama without the Doctor playing a central role, see Blink and Human Nature

So as Tennant moves on, he is replaced by Matt Smith. So much expectation, big shoes to fill, Russell T Davies moving on etc etc. So what do the beeb do? Create buzz. Like the new theme before it, the new logo is getting chat online, trending on twitter.

So here it is:

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Hadouken & Youtube

An annoyingly simply idea: compile the 100 most watched YouTube clips together, paste over your new single and create a new YouTube video that has generated over 2.5m views.

Now if they converted that into single sales/downloads, they’d sell more than the combined total of the biggest selling UK singles from the past three years:

2006: Gnarls Barkley – Crazy 820k

2007: Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love 788k

2008: Alexandra Burke – Hallelujah 888k

This is excellent marketing, no denying, however is the product better than the promotion? Does it matter?