My day to day tools and apps


I thought I would share both the online and offline tools I use that help me keep connected, informed and help make the day-to-day online experience just that little bit easier

General admin

Gmail – my email platform of choice

Google Reader – my daily news hit

Google Calendar – keeping track of everything

Social Media

LinkedIn – For connecting with people I have worked with, and probably my main social platform. At the moment it’s getting big props for its job board.

Twitter – I’m not great at it but I am trying. Essentially, I am using it as a news feed, and as a search engine.

Facebook – For connecting with people I know and see outside of an office life

Friendfeed – I don’t use it often enough

Delicious – I have found new love for this

Adium – Not really been using IM since being made redundant. However, Adium is the best IM app for the Mac.

WordPress – my blogging software. It was simple to set up; That’s why I used it.


flickr – Huge fan of this site for many years. I don’t use to host snapshots, rather this is where I put my “one day I will be able take this more seriously’ shots.

Lightroom – My photo editing software of choice. I don’t really need Photoshop, I need a simple photo centric workflow

Music – been using the site for years. Don’t really maximise my profile, but it continues to scrobble my itunes content.

emusic – This is where I buy my drm free digital music, though amazon and 7 digital should get a shout for being competitive.

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