Me, myself or anon?

Photo: By Graeme Fraser (Acker Milk) via Flickr

Interesting section in last week’s TechnologyGuardian on the merits or otherwise of using a real name or a pseudonym when interacting online. I therefore thought I would share my experience of having an online ‘alter ego’.

My online pseudonym is ‘Acker Milk’, I use it for my, emusic and flickr accounts and it is with the latter that I, ‘Acker Milk’, had my 15 minutes of fame. In 2007, Tate Britain announced that as part of it’s exhibition celebrating British photography  ‘How we are’, they had teamed up with Flickr. ‘How we are now’ would encourage Flickr users to submit images which they felt represented Great Britain. I duly entered with above image and was one of the lucky 40 to be selected and exhibited.

So, my image along with all the finalists was publicised. It got great coverage on Radio 4, it was featured in The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. All this was fantastic of course, however, it wasn’t my name in shining lights, it was a pseudonym based on a childhood nick name.

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